Copperas & Owen Pond

Region: Adirondacks

Level: Easy

Copperas Pond is one of thousands of small bodies of water tucked in between the beautiful mountains of the Adirondacks. The High Peaks region of the Adirondacks is home to some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes, ponds, and towns in New York. Lake Placid is not only historic to New York and the United States, but holds a special place in my heart as somewhere I grew up visiting from early in my childhood and do still to this day as many times as I possibly can. 

Copperas Pond - from the Birch

Tree's roots growing over the top of a massive boulder

Copperas Pond

Copperas Pond

Copperas Pond and Owen Pond trails are fairly easy. They are located about 7 miles northeast of Lake Placid, towards Whiteface Mountain on Route 86. The loop is about 3.5 miles in total, though there is very little gain in altitude. I went with my parents and we took the trail that lead us path Owen Pond first, before traveling a little farther, maybe a half mile or so, to hit Copperas Pond. Both ponds are beautiful, calm, and tranquil. On our trip, between Owen and Copperas, we ran into a small marshy area that had a highly visible beaver dam, and without realizing it, saw around 30 or so recently and some finished trees cut down by beavers. The carvings looked like a work of art. Some trees were near-finished, some were finished with sections of them lying on the ground, waiting to be carved up and slowly dragged to the dam. We were impressed with how well these creatures work together, in what is no way an easy job, to help build their home and care for their families. 

Impressive beaver work

Copperas Pond is an easy hike, one that can be finished in about 1.5 hours and ends with some very relaxing views. Good for an early morning, late afternoon hike before a great day or evening out in Lake Placid.